Douglas K Pearson, author, sojourner and adventurer, does four, week-long journeys into the human heart and the wilderness' far from cities with like-minded sojourners "empassioned" with the writing craft.

Winter Affect Disorder Conference

A February gathering at the author's fishing lodge on the Muskegon River

Snow Bird

A spring break fishing trip for the muse that keeps a writer sane, inspired and energized

Readers & Writers Sailing Conference

A June sail in Canada's North Channel with author aboard his ketch, Learnt's Wake

ATV Train Trip

A July ATV and Train Trip deep into the Canadian Shield.

Frontier Treks

Autumn adventures into the west to find and research topics for future stories and genre

Readers & Writers Sailing Cruise

Douglas K Pearson's June 2011 Readers & Writers Sailing Cruise

The passion of sailing into books is the wind behind the RW cruise aboard Learnt’s Wake where 6-8 like-minded writing crafters board for a week of sailing and exploration of the human heart as well as the islands of Canada’s North Channel.

(The 2011 RW Cruise dates will be announced Jan. 2011)