I am the Last Helmsman. My words bear testimony to the account of five souls who escaped into this ship's log.

I am Head of the Last Watch. I sailed across the darkest night, I entered the abysmal darkness of the minds of these rescued souls. These Dead Sea Souls.

I am the Head of Family. I let my family stay below deck and away from me and these stories because they are not well. They are almost crushed by the weight of great peril and impending doom.

How does the end come? Not with a bang, not with a fizzle. The end comes as the Bible says it will, with horrible finality that crushes us all.

The end will come. The end seeks us. And it will find us, Earth's last family, as we hide among the giant floating ice deep in the despair of the deadly, frigid seas.

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Douglas K Pearson uses a starless black night, a sea of frozen victims, five people at death's door, and a decrepit sailboat to tell a troubling and unseemly tale. But disturbing visions of the End Times must be told.

He uses all the tools he possesses — setting, tone, dialogue, back story — to reveal what rests below the horizon of imagination during a sailor's darkest time, the fourth watch. He captures the human condition when all the horror stories ever imagined, written, or filmed have come true.

"This book is for the Tribulation what 'The Shack' was for the Trinity."
— Dave Egner

"This book doesn't seem to care about fancy words like Epistemology. But it cares deeply about the sheer force, credibility, and the unavoidableness of Earth's terrible future."
— Aubrey High