Five World War II veterans saw horrible atrocities, witnessed destruction on a mass scale, felt the waste of human life. Now they pass the days of their old age playing poker at their favorite VFW Hall. But, as they ante-up for the next game with gold teeth taken from slain Nazis, they are disturbed by teenagers vandalizing the hall.

The veterans understand tomfoolery from their own youths, but never—never!—would they disrespect soldiers who had protected the United States. Much less soldiers who had lived through the hell of a world war and were now resting their weary bones.

These five heroes aren't about to tolerate any disrespect. The boys have no idea who they are challenging. And now there is war of a different caliber.


Douglas K Pearson, a West Michigan storyteller, sails Learnt's Wake with his family. Shown here with his daughter, Douglas took to the boat after completing "Veterans' Day," a tale of war that takes place when teenagers who don't know any better pick a fight with five World War II veterans who do.

"I found the book fascinating and easy reading. I was a bit shocked at the violence that developed between the boys and the veterans. The treatment of the lad trapped in the tank, with the gunfire and flares aimed into it, seemed excessive and I was a bit put off. But it was a fascinating story anyway."
— Ernie Moore,
WWII Veteran, Navy Combat Air Crewman,
Coast Guard Auxiliary,
Admiral in the Nebraska Navy,
and Avid Sailor