Douglas K. Pearson, Michigan native and journeyman, currently winters west of Rockford, MI with his cool bride of 19 years and their three kids. During his summers, he sails his family around the Great Lakes on their ketch, Learnt’s Wake, pilgrimages to Europe and runs a conference or two. He is now working on a novel, Blood Line and helping in the production of the movie, The Frontier Boys.

Stay tuned to read Learnt's Wake, soon to be published in Cruising World Magazine

My Writing Philosophy welcomes unpredictable reactions to suffering and grants such responses full authority over character change and story. The theology of obtaining strength through suffering is perhaps the cleanest path to understanding my writing philosophy.

Simply put, conflict is the soul of all my stories. But simplifications like, 'God works through pain,' always seem to involve a complex set of sequences we all call life. It is under this weight of pain where story compression connects to my readers and audience.